Mobile applications development palm-sizes the world

Mobile applications change the way we live and do business: they boost our personal and work productivity to a whole new level, where the mobile device turns into a smart assistant in our daily lives, capable of managing complex tasks at any time and any place.

Mobile applications have also lifted up social communication and networking on a higher level. Now we get connected with each other easier and enjoy rich communication experience, independent from time and location.

Now everyone can design and create palm-sized, lifestyle–shaped, personal world of communication and activities: from a personal entertainment box to a smart personal assistant to manage a hectic schedule.

At MobileMonday we are amazed and fascinated by the way mobile devices and applications are changing our lives for better and we are determined to encourage the growth of mobile technologies by organizing open discussion forums for industry visionaries, developers and thought leaders. We strive to encourage free dialog and sharing of innovative ideas, which define trends and cross borders for good.

Taking part in MobileMonday events today means joining a community, where the future of mobile industry is created and putting the world in your pocket tomorrow.

Welcome to MoMo, dear friends!

MobileMonday Sofia team