About Us

MobileMonday Sofia is an open forum of the local mobile industry community. It is an independent, non-profit organization of mobile industry professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, investors, universities and people with a passion for mobile technology.

MoMo Sofia aims to be a regional hub for networking and business development, a knowledge center for local developers and an open stage for industry news and presentations of innovation from local university labs and start-ups.

About MobileMonday Network

MobileMonday is the biggest global mobile community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and thought leaders, fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets.

MoMo’s main objectives are to facilitate business networking, encourage local technology development, and share international industry knowledge, technology news and trends.

Our mission


This document was agreed as the consensus view of the 21 chapters present at the GFM,
Stockholm, 26 October 2008.

  1. Chapters operate for the benefit of and to serve a defined, regional grass-roots community, which includes people and companies engaged in all aspects of mobile industry;
  2. The activities of chapters include running sustainably self-financed meetings open to, and approachable, by anyone in the community;
  3. Chapters operate in a professional, transparent and legally and financially proper fashion;
  4. Meetings should educate and showcase innovation and entrepreneurship, without favour to any faction or interest;
  5. Chapters do not speak for their communities, but provide a voice for them;

Chapters participate in the wider international MobileMonday community of chapters in a collaborative, bottom-up way. Mature chapters assist emerging chapters to become established and independent. Chapters are autonomous, and the details of their local organization (within the bounds of the Core Values) is a matter of local choice. Chapters may or may not be formally incorporated. Whatever the local structure, chapters must (for the purposes of coordination within the international community of chapters) maintain one or more current contact points (organisers), or a distribution list to allow communication with the local organizers.

Organizers may derive personal benefit from the activities of their chapter as long as the core values are maintained.

The activities of chapters include, but are not limited to, organizing periodic physical meetings on Mondays. They may, in addition, organize other activities in keeping with the core values, and are expected to facilitate communication and exchange of ideas in their communities outside of formal meetings (by mailing lists etc.).

Chapters must maintain their own web site, with an appropriate URL based on local convention. The local web site is to be connected to the MobileMonday.net site.

Chapters work with other chapters when operating outside their region (to stage joint events), and keep each other informed of exceptional MobileMonday events within their region. When organising such events, the international community of chapters must be informed. Events must not be promoted as “global” without formal agreement from the international community of chapters.